Intake Elbow


It is all about air flow. To keep things moving I had RichardM "gut" my intake elbow. Richard removed two pinched restrictions on the sides of the elbow. Note the marks where the bumps used to be.


Here is a front view of Richard's elbow.


To make the 70 mm Throttle Body work good I had to do some grinding. I placed the Throttle Body on the elbow and marked the portion of the elbow face to be removed. I first tried an electric drill but after going through five battery recharges there had to be something better. Now air, that's the ticket!


Here is "Six Pack" Pete cussing me out while I play with his power tools. Well actually, it cost me a six pack. :-)


Then I had to horn it to smooth things out. I used a Sears cylinder wall horner which cost me $30. This idea did not work too well. A Dermal tool was more efficient.


Here is a test fit of the 70mm throttle body. Now there is some room for air!


 I decided to fill the gashes in the walls of the elbow with JB weld.


Then I polished the inside of the elbow.



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