KVR Rotor Resurfacing Procedure




Over time your KVR rotor will show wear or warpage. Some Mechanics will shy away from working on the rotors because of the holes. Do not believe them! It is possible to cut these rotors, it just requires a little effort and patience.

Tools required:

This procedure may seem complicated but it is not. I will like to note that it is time consuming and I do not think many Mechanics will take the time to do the procedure properly unless you pay extra and insist that they do. It only took me a half an hour to drill and clean both rotors after the lathe work was finished. But I move faster than most people.


Written by J.Miller with help from my good buddy Jeff Tatro.


This article is not written in affiliation with KVR . This article is the opinion of the author. All work done per this article is the readers responsibility. Proper safety procedures should be carried out at all times. The author and KVR assumes no liability for any damage made to your rotors, tools or person.


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