5.4L Upper Intake


As you can see the 1995 Upper intake manifold does not fit on the 5.4L.


To make it fit I had to extend the width by adding metal and welding it together.


Ribs were added for support.


The channels are filled to allow for the mounting of the PI head gaskets.

The welder is Eric at Best Welding in Naugatuck, CT.


 I filled the open area of the channels with JB Weld and I placed a gasket on top of the intake and traced the outline.


I port matched the intake by grinding within the lines. Here is the result. As you can see we now have an opening big enough for PI heads.


 Here is the final result after a little polishing.


I discovered that the runners I filled were used to provide vacuum to the Fuel Evaporative Emissions System and the PCV valve. To solve this problem a hose barb was added to the back of the intake.



Here is how the work was done:


 NOTE: Welding of Aluminum should only be done by an experienced welder. If heated too much Aluminum will warp.

  This mod is no longer on the car see here for more info.

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