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Author Topic: 90 Ford Thunderbird SC 3G alternator Upgrade  (Read 4602 times)

J dot Miller

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90 Ford Thunderbird SC 3G alternator Upgrade
« on: June 21, 2009, 05:46:12 PM »
This is not an easy job.  Do not try it unless you have a good grinder.  A 6G upgrade may be easier.  I choose the 3G only because I wanted something that has been proven.  I did not take pictures this time because I did the work under a tent in the rain.

1. Get a new 3g alternator 130+ amp with 8 rib pulley installed.  I recommend either a Ford reman or Pa-Performance, phone 877.471.8010.
2. Picked up a 2G-3G conversion regulator pigtail from PA-Performance # 462802A.
3. You may want a new alternator charge wire.  If you get it use the short Power Wire Kit with fuse holder # 9904-A because the starter relay is just above the battery.
4. Remove the old alternator, idler pulley, upper inter-cooler tube and coil pack.
5.  Cover the engine with blankets and use masking tape over the intake tube and bolt threads.
6.  Grind the the bottom back side of the power steering mounting bracket and upper front near the idler pulley.  You will have to test fit it several times.
7.  When you have the alternator fitted to the mounting bracket install the idler pulley.  Mark where the alternator hits the pulley, remove the idler pulley, cover the 8 rib pulley and holes in alternator with masking tape and grind off the tab just above the mounting bolt hole in the alternator.  Do not grind the pulley.  Do not grind all the way down to the bolt.
8.  Install the pigtail and wiring as recommended with the kit.
9.  Paint grounded areas of the power steering mounting bracket.
10. Charge the battery fully (overnight).  A weak battery could burn out your alternator.
11.  Install the new alternator, idler pulley, upper inter-cooler tube and coil pack.
12.  Start the car and take a voltage reading. It should read 14.0 + volts while charging.

Cost with 130 amp no-frills alternator, 2G-3G pigtail and power wire kit:  $243.45.

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The 5.4 swap has been called a bad idea, and considered an underpowered considerable waste of time, since 2007.

Nice to see that most donít think that anymore.
Bondfreak13 07/28/09 09:05 PM