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Author Topic: VHT Night Shades to Fred-dify or rice up your tail lights  (Read 3056 times)

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VHT Night Shades to Fred-dify or rice up your tail lights
« on: June 07, 2010, 09:05:10 PM »
Here is what I will do but I make no guarantees.   Please study the write-ups at the bottom and do it your way:  Nite Shades will dry with a satin finish. To apply wait until you have several days without rain in the forecast and apply masking tape to the clear reverse light.  Wet sand the remaining reflector with 1000- 3000 grit sand paper then clean with rubbing alcohol.  Spray Night Shades to the surface then layer in multiple thin coats (2-3 coats will give you a smoked effect, more for the blacked-out effect), one 2-3 hours.  Once dark enough for you to see the illuminated lights 500 feet away (or whatever your state requires) you should then wait several days and then when no rain is in the forecast wet sand and clean with rubbing alcohol the reflector then apply a few coats of clear for plastic (2-3 between coats) to get the best finish.

Some say that Nightshades can be taken off.  I am not sure that this is true but they say you can soak it in DOT 3 brake fluid in a tub for about an hour.  The paint will loosen off and with a soft brush you can remove it and clean up the tailight.  Since you can get Thunderbird tail lights easily at local junk yards I recommend doing this with a spare set.  Then you can switch them at the show?

Here are links to other write up's and further reading: 
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The 5.4 swap has been called a bad idea, and considered an underpowered considerable waste of time, since 2007.

Nice to see that most donít think that anymore.
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Re: VHT Night Shades to Fred-dify or rice up your tail lights
« Reply #1 on: June 08, 2010, 12:38:03 PM »
HUM LOOKS INTERESTING  8) O0 :clap: :pilot: