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Author Topic: Making a chrome 89-90 XR7 Cougar Emblem from painted emblems  (Read 1474 times)

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Making a chrome 89-90 XR7 Cougar Emblem from painted emblems
« on: January 15, 2013, 05:21:12 AM »
As you can see the emblem on my 90 XR7 has seen better days.

I was only able to find one new emblem for my 90 supercharged XR7 PN FOWY-66517A57A from  Tom at Greensales. There were plenty 1990 emblems for non-supercharged Cougars part numbers E7WY-66517A57A and E7WY-66517A56A at NOS Parts from Doug at Parts International.  Problem, they come with black paint around the outside.

Before I did anything, I moved the little rubber o-rings to a safe location.

Next soak it in DOT 3 synthetic brake fluid.  After one night, I removed the parts and wiped off the paint with a soft cloth and returned them to a fresh bath.  Repeat two days later.

Personal protective equipment for the body should be selected based on the task being performed and the risks involved and should be approved by a specialist before handling the Brake Fluid.

The emblems look like this after approximately four days of soaking in the brake fluid.  Most of the black paint has been removed.

There is a stubborn fine coat of paint remaining.  Nothing a Dermal, soft polishing wheel and a light coating of chrome polish can not handle.  Be gentile and do not exert any force on the wheel when polishing.  Start work as soon as you apply a light coat of polish to prevent chemical damage the emblem.

Immediately wipe off all excess polishing compound with tissues.  Rinse throughly.  Dry with tissues. Then wash with palmolive and rinse again.  Dry with tissues.  Repeat until you are 100% sure the polish has been completely removed.  The parts should look something like this:

As a final precaution, I soaked them for at least eight hours in a fresh brake fluid bath followed by tissue drying.  Wash with palmolive and rinse with clean water throughly.  All the sources I found say do not clear coat paint the chrome.
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