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May 12, 2007 - Roxboro Ridge Runners 5th Annual Car Show

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Say Hello to Frankie O for me and if Rick is there say hello to him to.

J dot Miller:
The bird is in the garage so She is clean!  I think I am going to represent...   O0  But I get to keep the trophy!!!!   >:D

I am planning to bring the Bird back to you after the show.  My Cougar will be done on Tuesday and I prefer to take one of my my beaters down there if I have to drive fast to the Maaco after work...  :-[

So how did you make out how was the show.

J dot Miller:
The show was GREAT!!!  Lots of sweet cars...  Nice show, nice people...   O0  But Freddies worst car was not up the the challenge.   Only his SC's and my kitty could have had a chance...  Still many people loved his photo album and the kids loved his talking fish!!!!  There were over 130 classic and Antique cars there.  I took a few hundred pictures...   :D

Well where are the pics


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