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11/22/06.... passenger seat out, drag radials are in the front, trunk emptied of lotsa xtra stuff(junk) Snow injection resivoir loaded with the good stuff,and I am off to Gainesville raceway /Dragstrip ...............Pray for me :-\ ::) :D :o

J dot Miller:
Do not come back with less than 9 seconds!!!

J dot Miller:
Ok, I know you were there last night...  What was your ET?   :-[ :-[ :'( :'(

Ok , some of us go nto the track to race for the sheer competition, others to safely open her up,
 and sometimes to learn from the quantifiable results on a time slip,such as I do. So, the time slips ;

Well I am a couple tenths of a sec. off my best ever of 13.6...and with a new drive line.
The car is perhaps a hundred pounds heavier... so thats 1 tenth, I am running 3 lbs more boost,
and making about 30 more Horsepower at least, so why not faster? Eh? temp was 49-52 degrees ,
air was good. Track was coated with DA, but guys were complaining about traction, LOL. I set the
Comp TA's at 15 lbs, and the front tires at 44lbs. so my car wasnt hooking really badly, but I am
getting old (Crappy excuse anyhow). The reaction times didnt look too bad, LOL, .... But throttle
controll was poor  .....See 2nd pass;  The 60 ft. was terrible, the car actually was fishtailing (think
I scared the starter?). I had added a bit more methanol to the snow blend, and was running about
103 octane, so no ping onna perf. tune... never tried street tune last nite.

\Ok, my analysis;
The Tranny tho, looser , still a little tight, maybe anudder 10,000 mi. and it will be broken in,?
Changed ATF/filter earlier this week, verry little friction medium residue in the pan, no metal,
so this is still 'stiff' Maybe a tenth or two more when finally broke in.The T/C, finally locking up
right, as its allmost broke in, but thats no gain , as it just plain is not suitable for the tork/power
curve of a 5.4... She stalls at about 34-3500 rpm, and thats too high, making this car more of a
DRIFTER than anything else.I need a more controllable 2400 stall .. I am quite sure without useing
restraint I could light the tires for well beyond 1/8 th mile on a DA'd track. The little power dyne is
also suspect for not going faster.. Boost is higher, but it spools up waaay too quick, and makes
launch harder to controll. Additionally, it is spinning soo fast over 5000, that my 5600 shift point
has a rapidly falling off  boost level due to impeller cavitation, and slipping belt, to say nothing of
parasitic loss. I think reaction times for a 66 yr old of .200 sec., and less are quite acceptable , 8) but
hey! that 2nd pass was alongside a Camaro with a huuge scoop, and big rear tires (maybe tubbed) :o
and in the heat of the moment  I got too far into the throttle, and hadda blip it to break wheelspin. :(
Ramsey got the shifting under controll , and 2-3 shifts were made in lockup.

Anyhow, its not the power, but where it occurrs, and how to get it to the ground. also cars weighing
about 4300 lbs , plus a tad, are quite difficult to launch, so in this case the driver is a proveable
hinderance. What are my plans?  Not much, maybe back down to 5lbs boost, and enjoy it till it's sold.
I promised the wife no more drag racing at the track, as she worries too much, and I pretty much know
what I wanted to find out. (didn't say anything about a little street racing tho') There you have it folks, Timeslips and all, and my name is :larry:.

J dot Miller:

--- Quote from: :jake: on November 23, 2006, 03:14:27 PM ---Well I am a couple tenths of a sec. off my best ever of 13.6...and with a new drive line.
The car is perhaps a hundred pounds heavier... ... :D

--- End quote ---

I told you to stop eating all that pie!!   :clown:


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