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September 30, 2006 Free Car Show & Eagles Pep Rally PICTURES


J dot Miller:
FastFreddie a/k/a Curley and I were invited to a free car show/ Pep Rally by Maaco!  We were the only club invited, even though it was short notice we represented!

On the **FREE FOOD** menu was hot dogs, hamburgers, pulled pork, and many salads...

We lined up on the left side of the show.

Oh no the Eagles are coming!

Introducing Philadelphia Eagle Cheerleader Amy!

Lets not forget Philadelphia Eagle Cheerleader Lora!


Hey there are four of them?  YES!!!!!!

The girls are right next to the cars...

Down :curley:!

Again :curley:?

Hey there is the Philadelphia Eagle Mascot Swoop and :curley:!

Now there is one cool Bird!!!!  He can stand next to my car any day!!  Go EAGLES!!!!

Fast :curley: vehicle # 1, Go EAGLES!!!!

:curley: let Swoop drive his SC but he did not let me drive it??  Go EAGLES!!!!

Who can deny that is one beautiful Cougar?

Even :curley:'s car looks better now!

Sweet SC!!!  Go EAGLES!!!!

Now you know why he is called fast :curley:!!!  Go EAGLES!!!!

The Macco show car was here!  You can get that paint job too for $8-10,000.

The Trophy!!!!

Swoop playing catch!!!  Go EAGLES!!!!

:curley:  helping with the office!

Swoop only drives Fords!!  Go EAGLES!!!!

I was sleeping in my chair and bam...  Swoop swooped in and took Freddies chair...  Here he is leaning back...

The star of the event Philadelphia Eagles Cornerback Lito Sheppard # 26!!!  Go EAGLES!!!!

Uh oh!!!  They are looking for :curley:!

One Autograph per person...  Sorry guys...

Lito with his Super Bowl Smile!!!!!  Go EAGLES!!!!

:curley: getting an autograph!!!  Go EAGLES!!!!

OK J what are the Eagles going to do now that McNabb is out for 8 months to a year with an ACL tear. Wait till next year unless there back up QB can carry them.

J dot Miller:
I dunno.  Scuttlebutt is that they have the TO curse!   :poop:

But they do have Garcia who is no slouch.   :-X


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