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Sam Seltzer's Steak House, a Tampa Bay chain...


The seltzer Family started 'bidness 'as cattlemen in Canada, and they primarily serve great beef, but there are also doing a pretty good trade in selected seafood, and a limited but great salad  entree as well as good but not spectacular sides.  Took my blushing bride there tonite after a long day lining up a doctor to do some surgery on her legs (vein probs, which have apparently turned out to be minimal)... it was a long day, and we ended up hungry , in front of the place just before dinnertime. Price was reasonable considering the quality which was right up there. the meals aren't really fancy, but substantial, and good...We have put this chain on the same plane as Smokey Bones, so we will be back again, and again, and..... ::)


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