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Author Topic: Well I got the Cougar back today  (Read 605 times)


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Well I got the Cougar back today
« on: September 19, 2008, 02:50:34 PM »
Well I finally got the Cougar back from the body shop and they did a great job. If you didn't no on July 26th a kid driving his step fathers car back into the Cougar while he and Tom (my son Tommy aka tstats) where waiting for the light to change. The kid had no license and admitted to the State Trooper he caused the accident so his step fathers insurance paid the claim. The header panel was cracked at support brackets bumper cover paint spider and the hood and grill scratched. They stripped the bumper fixed a small dent on the drivers side fender (dropped a flash light on it) sanded the hood and got some of the stone chips and restriped the fenders. Will post pics 
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