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1990 thunderbird supercoupe intercooler for the double IC


J dot Miller:
Hey :freddie: I have the Wife dropping off the intercooler I picked up on ebay for $20 at your house.  Consider it as a partial core deposit for the double IC you said you will make me this winter.

GOT IT  :afto2: YOU SURE HAVE THE SC FEVER :-X  THAT,S EVEN WORST THAN PHILLIES FEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :lunie:

J dot Miller:
It has been four (4) years now.  Now I swapping over my shorter ranger ac condenser from the black car.  Better come up and get your rear bumper!  Really could use that IC!!  I do not want to take those intercooler tubes out twice.



J dot Miller:
Yea, you dropped it off yesterday with a can of paint.  I get the hint...   :'(

The Big Fred better be the reason you did not finish my double IC?


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