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Trim on my old bird was getting pretty tatty... Sun, rain , road debris, weather changes have all taken thier toll over the years. What to do? Well , the two longitudinal strips that form the sides of the windows, and go up over the top of the car , concealing a panel separation, have been replaced with the windshield, and are pretty durable anyhow .... The top strip,on the windshield, is mostly rubber as is the top strip on the rear window, and the rear quarter window mounting trim... It makes no sense to replace that when its easily refurbed... The lower rear window strip is stainless with a thin coating of  vynil which just doesnt hold uop well, I chose to refurb that as well, but with not as good results. I used Duplicolor black bumper spray, which is sort of a rubber compound.The trick is to clean/buff the strips pretty clean and smooth. I used denatured alcohol, and vynil gloves to remove the armor all residue, dirt, etc, then buffed them with green , and white scotch brite pads. The lower didnt come out too good on the backlite, as it was too far eroded.... Looks like wrinkle paint . Not bad, not so good either.I used one whole newspaper and a whole roll of masking tape.

  Thats tough for me these days as the bifocals do not lend themselves well to masking precisely. After cleaning , then masking , I shot the parts to refurb with a generous coat of the bumper black, and let it dry over nite. another shot in the morning and  remove the masking that afternoon .

  It looks pretty good huh? I think a couple more shots would add "build'', and cover a few more minor blems, but I am satisfied with what I got......

:jake: the wrinkle look you have could be that the paint etched into the plastic window trim. Sometimes on certain plastic depending on there mix of resins will etch with some lacquer base paints I have had good luck using dupli-color trim black which was developed for plastic and rubber trim pieces. UV erosion is a big problem with plastics drying it out shrinking and cracking and this also would contribute to your problem.

J dot Miller:
Gee...  Getting all fancy and such.  You outta start hanging with your bud Scott???    O0  I bet he can show you a pointer or two?   :nana:

I guess you used Bumper Black paint?


--- Quote from: J.:miller: on December 22, 2006, 08:47:18 AM ---
I guess you used Bumper Black paint?

--- End quote ---
Iguess you didnt read the post ::) :-\... I said...... "I used Duplicolor Black Bumper Spray: O0

:jake: you no :miller: went to the Evelyn Woods speed reader and only takes important info out of the post. Plus he's waiting for pnyklr to show up on the site.


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