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Greetings from the Monster Mile

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Jeff Bedekovich:
Hey guys,
My name is Jeff Bedekovich and I am writing to you from the Dover International Speedway.  I was contacting you about possibly putting together a group outing for East Coast Rolling Thunder to one of our NASCAR races during the 2009 season.  If you think that we could generate interest among your members, I would like the opportunity to get together with you and brainstorm for a package that would be beneficial to your members.  I have access to plenty of promotional material and am sure that we can create a package that will result in a fun/unique day at the races for your club members.  Get back to me to let me know what your thoughts are; thanks and happy New Year!

Jeff Bedekovich:
 :flex: <------ B-Dawk says "Be There!"


J dot Miller:
Can I race my Cougar against :freddie: s slo 6 there?   :P

Jeff Bedekovich:
Our next Sprint Cup race is on Sunday, May 31.  We also have the Truck Series (Friday) and the Nationwide (formerly Busch) Series on Saturday of that weekend.   :afto2:


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