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OK if you like steak and spare ribs this is the place to go. The spare ribs are so tender that meat falls off the bone. The booths are a little tight but they do offer tables with chairs. The restaurant can get loud so if your looking for a quite night out don't come to the Roadhouse but if you want to talk drink and have fun while eating some good food then this is the place.

J dot Miller:
That is a chain.  We have a new one over here.  For some reason they make everything dry...  Chicken, beef, whatever...  Sorry but that place is more ambiance...  Still it is better than most chains like sizzler, outback et al...  So if you like to see a Texas two step from time to time and a little singing then that is the place.  But if you want Texas style steak go to Texas...   :-[

Well I have been to a few from MA to PA and most of the time they have been consistent with little various changes among each other. Beside the Tennessee BBQ which is also a small chain there are very few restaurants that provide good BBQ. Iíve been to the Texas Roadhouse in Bethlehem (Easton ,PA) it wasnít bad but it was when they opened.

J dot Miller:
My opinion is solely from three visits to the Bethlehem facility.  :o


--- Quote from: J.:miller: on December 23, 2006, 09:41:18 AM ---My opinion is solely from three visits to the Bethlehem facility.  :o

--- End quote ---
When I'm in Allentown I have other place I would eat before the roadhouse.


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