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Hilltop Steakhouse!!!!


J dot Miller:
Alright you guys keep talking about steak.  Well, if you are in the Salem, MA area you gotta try what I consider one of the best steak houses in the Northeast...  The Hilltop Steakhouse!!!

I have been there many times.  When you drive up to the place there are ceramic cows out front and always a line at the door.  Each room is named after a western city and when you eat in certain places you can hear the cows mooing...

Ah, the steak is great.  No knife required...  Even when it is well done...

 :yumm: :yumm: :yumm: :yumm:

:miller: you stole my next topic well here is the link http://www.hilltopsteakhouse.com/index.php I must correct you though the location is Saugus, MA not Salem which is not that far from Saugsus and have been in PA where it takes a little bit of ride to get from one town to the other up here the towns average about 3 square mile if their lucky in eastern MA.


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