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I need help finding a front grill that you mount the headlights to on my 86 thunderbird I didn't notice that it was broken beyond fixxing now i need one is their anybody outtheir who can help me?
Thanks Greg

J dot Miller:
Welcome back to T-Birds.  Sounds like She had a fender bender.   :'(

I am not 100% sure but I thought I saw a mid 80's Thunderbird at the Pennsburg U-Pull-it a few weeks ago.  I was there scavenging the many 89-94 parts, a 35th that I pillaged and I thought I saw one.  Problem is I do not remember the exact year or condition.   :-[  I plan to be back there in a week, if I do I will look.

A good search engine I like to use is Car-Part.com.  It comes in handy.

All you need to do is find a junk yard that has one.  Chances are as long as She does not have front end damage you will get your part.  ^-^

J dot Miller:
:curley: just told me he saw an 80's Thunderbird at Rt 13 & Tyburne in Fairless hills at the U-Pull it.  It is a new arrival so it should have parts.  Not sure about the year.  He says he will take at look at on Friday and will pull it if you like.  It will cost no more than $20.

What other years fit? 


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