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Itís Really Santa Claus in NE PA!


J dot Miller:

Our favorite Santa has a web site:

J dot Miller:
You can see Santa Bob on the Rachel Ray Show on Monday November 23, 2009.   He is the Santa She puts her arm around.
Oh and she is a cutie... 

Momie Santa is not going to sleep monday night.   :)

J dot Miller:
Rachel Ray boy can she cook!

J dot Miller:
Oh no!  Santa wants to ban this site because he thinks the pictures of Rachel Ray are pornographic!!!

I will gladly trade girly pictures of her for some coal in my stocking!

I think I can take her!!!  My cooking on Thanksgiving was soooo good I bet I can take her in a striptease cook off?  Poor Rachel would not know what hit her when I lay my Eggnog Pumpkin Pie on the table for desert!!!!


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