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cant log in


Hey is Turbo Brian "BJL"
i cant log into my forum account. i reset the password hoping it would work, still doesnt HELP!?

J dot Miller:
Hi Brian,
Sorry to hear that.  :(  Please PM me with details as to what you did and what the email did so I can try to prevent it from happening again.

I reset your password to your last name all small letters.  Please change it when you log in.  Plus you may want to enter the secrete question.


J dot Miller:
Oh yea, the question and password can be changed under the "account settings" in your "profile".

Again, I apologize for the inconvenience. :surr:

J dot Miller:
Please advise if the problem is solved. :afit:

J dot Miller:
I see that you were finally able to log in.   :afto2:

Once again, I like to thank you for pointing out the error.  Several changes have been made to the forum to prevent that from happening again.   :hide:

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