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Author Topic: Ford prepares first singular global launch under “One Ford”  (Read 1138 times)

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Ford prepares first singular global launch under “One Ford”
« on: December 24, 2009, 10:42:15 AM »
For years the auto manufacturers have been making cars specific to each individual market.  Now Ford is trying to make one car for all markets.  Called "One Ford".

This sounds more difficult than it looks.  Think about it:  this car must meet the local requirements of all Countries.  This means that it will have more pollution stuff, slower speeds, more extra electronics and etc.  I am sure it will lower costs, that is if thye do it right, but I am 50/50 on the idea!  ???

Here is the article.
Quote from: Mark Kleis, leftlanenews
Ford has spent considerable effort developing their latest business and advertising model, labeled “One Ford,” which is intended to leverage the company’s global presence through massive economies of scale. The Ford Fiesta is set to become a true global car in early 2010 with its U.S. introduction, but the 2011 Ford Focus is slotted to be the first true simultaneous global launch since Ford adopted its new strategy.

Ford’s Fiesta will be in sale in all of Ford’s major markets by 2010, but because the vehicle was only launched in select markets to begin with it wasn’t Ford’s first true attempt at a global launch. Also evident from the delayed introduction of the Fiesta to the U.S. market is the parts content, which is 60 percent the same as the European model. That figure may sound incredibly low for a “global car,” but it is reasonably high when compared to other attempts in the industry.

When Ford launches the latest Focus in 2010 as a global 2011 model year, it will be a genuine product of the One Ford program. Ford has simultaneously developed the vehicle with all markets in mind, with personnel from all regions actively participating in creating a car that can truly leverage Ford’s global economies of scale. Because the entire One Ford program was able to be utilized in the development of the coming Focus, Ford says the 2011 Focus will share 80 percent parts content across markets.

Ford’s One Ford program dates back to the beginning of their transformation, starting with the arrival of current CEO doggie Mulally from Boeing. Mulally was brought to Ford because of his ability to simplify the Boeing portfolio from over a dozen models down to four – bringing the airplane manufacturer back to being profitable.

As soon as Mulally began work at Ford he set to work achieving a similar concept with Ford – reducing brands and models, and removing the global segmentation as well. These changes paved the way for the upcoming global vehicles, such as Transit Connect, Fiesta, Focus and C-Max.

Ford has assigned Jim Farley, group vice president-global marketing and communications, to coordinate a unified global advertising campaign for the Focus launch. According to AdAge, the idea of a global marketing campaign isn’t entirely new to the automotive industry, but it has historically only been used for smaller niche brands such as Saab or Jaguar.

Ford ranked eighth in the world for advertising spending in 2009 – totaling $2.45 billion according to AdAge.