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Momma's silver bullet


Well, Our 'udder' car, a '99 Tarus SE, 24V Is called the "silver bullet" by my blushing bride, is off limits to me as she refuses to share , and hates the Big Bird. I have been forbidden to chip it out , or "any other of that hot rodder :censor:!" So, it's essentially stock , with the exception of a mild port and polish which I have described elsewhere in this web site. It actually is a real creampuff, with 65k on the clock. The Mrs. lavishes it with frequent hand washing, as well as a lot of polishing and primping...

And there she goes off in a silver blue flash!!

J dot Miller:
Women!!!  They always deny speeding but many of them have lead feet.  My old lady used to take the Cougar out and race it when I was out of town.  I even seen here taking off like a bat out of hell with her car...

I tell you...  Porting and polishing here car may have created a MONSTER!!!!!  Look out!!!!  >:D


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