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Author Topic: 89-92 THunderbird - Cougar Plastic Wiper Cowl Refreshing  (Read 1910 times)

J dot Miller

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89-92 THunderbird - Cougar Plastic Wiper Cowl Refreshing
« on: June 23, 2010, 07:50:46 PM »
I do not know about you but did you ever see one of these old worn out cowls with chips of plastic missing and in deteriorated condition?  My guess is that somewhere down the line the seal was displaced either by a mechanic, window replacement or just old age.  When the seal moved debris was free to enter the gaps, water cooled and expanded and it broke and wore out.

I just came back from the junk yard and I was lucky enough  to find a cowl in great condition.  It has no chips or cracks in it. 

But after removing it I discovered that there was seal wear:

Right off the bat you will notice that the 1/4" gasket is no longer attached to the cowl and the air conditioning gasket is decomposing.

Here is some of the seal I collected on the table.

Most of the short gasket on the right is gone.

You will notice that there are some high places and some low places for the AC gaskets.

First I am going to try to replace the AC gaskets with weather strip seal I found at Home Depot.  It is the same height as the short seal but will need to be stacked two high to compensate for the high gasket.

The first thing I am going to do is to take this messy project outside and scrap most of the seal away with a gasket scrapper.

The result below left a film of adhesive.

Removing adhesive from ABS is not as easy as one will think.  I can not use goof off and I can not use paint thiner because both will damage the plastic.  So I started with some WD40.  It seems to work if I let it pool and sit for a while...

This is all I did today so check back later for more progress with this project...  I expect to follow-up with more information next week.
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The 5.4 swap has been called a bad idea, and considered an underpowered considerable waste of time, since 2007.

Nice to see that most donít think that anymore.
Bondfreak13 07/28/09 09:05 PM