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Author Topic: 1989-1997 Cougar & Thunderbird Power Door Window repair  (Read 9076 times)


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1989-1997 Cougar & Thunderbird Power Door Window repair
« on: August 04, 2009, 12:15:09 PM »
got the repair bug fixed 4 power windows so far    2 more to go  rebuilt the motors     but came up with a different way 8)  used plastic wire nuts as pins  :-X just cut with cable cuter :D  and wheel bearing grease  :first: reinstalled good to go :clap:   saved time and money too!!!!  :bow1: :king: :pilot:  shop wants 300.00 +   :hide:
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Re: Thunderbird Power Door Window repair
« Reply #1 on: June 30, 2010, 07:43:29 AM »
Here is my low budget window motor repair.  This modification will make it so that the window will not stop when the button is pressed.  The author holds no responsibility for lost fingers if the window is closed on anyones hands.  If you are concerned with loosing your fingers or have kids it is recommended that you replace the wirenuts with a window repair kit available from Bill at SuperCoupePerformance, Phone: 513-697-6501.

Disconnect the negative battery terminal before starting this procedure.

The first thing you need to do is remove the screw in the arm rest and gently move it towards the front of the car, after the retaining clip is exposed lift the end towards the front of the car.

Next remove the plastic corner assembly.  Most of the time this is secured with phillips screws but I have seen torqux bits on other cars.  Usually it is the same size as the one used to remove the MAF sensor.

Press the lock down.

Then use a phillips head screw driver to remove the screws that hold the wire loom to the back if the arm rest.

Remove the screw by the reflector.

Remove the screw securing the arm rest to the door frame.  Be careful with screw.  The arm rest backing is easily damaged.  If you damage it you will need to add larger washers.

Pull out the bottom of the door and lift.  Do not use the arm rest to lift the door panel.

Disconnect the electrical wire for the reflector light.

Move some plastic out of the way as shown below.

Remove the speaker.  This is the location where you will access the motor.

Remove the three 8mm cap screws holding the motor in place.  Be careful not to drop the screws.  If you drop them you just may need a magnetic pick-up to get them.  When removing the last cap screw use the speaker hole to hold the motor and pull it out.

Remove the wire loom connecting the motor and place it on a work bench.

Use a torqux bit to remove the retaining screw.  This is the same size as the one used to remove the MAF sensor.

Carefully remove the C-clip, I prefer to use a magnet to keep it secure.

Remove the cover.  Notice the broken cam buttons?  There is nothing left of them.

Clean the assembly.

Lift the 9 tooth gear out.

Place three red wire caps next to the 9 tooth gear and mark the thickness.

Cut all three wire caps a smudge longer.  I like to cut them with bolt cutters but a hacksaw and grinder will do.  Use a file or a grinder to smooth the cut end.

Inspect and remove the window regulator gear.  If it is worn you can get a new gear from SuperCoupePerformance.

Clean and apply lots of grease to the worm gear.

Then add grease to the housing as shown.

Press in the window regulator gear.  Grease should ooze out the sides.

Add more grease to the 4 corners of the window regulator gear.

Press in the wire nuts small side down.

Do a test fit and make sure the wire nuts have a small gap between the window regulator gear and 9 tooth gear.  Adjust as required.

Apply grease on top of and around the wire nuts.  Fill the area with grease.

Replace the cover.

Install the C-clamp.

Reinsert the torqx screw.

Cut a hole in a piece of electrical tape as shown.

Use the electrical tape to hold the cap screws that secure the motor and return the motor to its original position.

Make sure the lock is up before installing the door panel.

Use electrical tape or contact cement to secure the plastic.

Reinstall the door panel.  Connect the battery and test.

If the window switch don't work see :miller:'s post.