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Author Topic: Ramsey's Performance.... Another Diablo Tune  (Read 1511 times)


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Ramsey's Performance.... Another Diablo Tune
« on: January 14, 2007, 11:27:03 AM »
Ramsey's  Performance is in Tampa, located at the NE corner of the Veterans Expwy & Hillsboro ave. they use Diablo tuneing, and SCT... Dennis Ramsey is a nice guy who has been on the tuneing scene forever.He likes what he is doing and goes the extra yard to get things right. I ended up there when the fabled Jerry and his minion (ogre) Reinfart would not/could not give me a decent tune, and were all over the place on their AF ratios, so the car ended up pig rich and running really slow. I think it was a combination of greed, laziness, and plain pig headedness on their part..... Actually getting a 5.4 to run really good in a '95 bird has been a tough up hill battle, then adding the blower changed rverything again.I finally bit the bullet and bought into the diablo system and started all over with Ramsey. Surprisingly, what it took was over 3 hours of dyno time to get all the drive cycles , load tables , fuel tables and timing right.I picked up about 68 hp more than that dipstick from Jacksonville could give me , and suddenly I loved my car again...The cost was surprisingly reasonable for the amount of effort and time Ramsey put in it, burning about a half tank of gas on the dyno...(just a few bucks more thann the cost of an original chip/tune, but alotta xtra work to get her right...) I didnt question the charges, just got outa there as soon as I paid my bill, cause I knew I got waaaay more than my moneys worth.(you ever price over 3 hours of dyno time).. In later tunes and discussions with dennis Ramsey , he pretty much explained that he just couldnt send out anything beneath his standards, and he allways tried to do his verry best.
Well his best is pretty darned good. He doesnt do mail order,and you need an appointment and xtra time there, unless youre vwilling to drop the car off for a couple days. Heres a pic of the office:

Here's the man hisself , getting ready to do anudder pull on big bird;

These guys are real pros, and quite friendly, so I highly reccommend them to anyone near the Tampa Bay area
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