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Stripping down the T-Bird

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J dot Miller:
Here are some pictures of FF grabbing some trim.  Better get moving :freddie: time is limited!

shold be back next tues :wacko: :king: :pilot:

I can has transmission?  ::)

J dot Miller:
It is an auto.   :-[

I was planning to put it in the XR7 since it was recently rebuilt and has a kevlar band.

J dot Miller:
If you really want an Auto and you car is not a 94+ this is what you can do (FF please correct):

1.  Get an Auto Tranny.
2.  Get the Auto shifter, console, accessories and wiring to the shifter.
3.  Get an auto drive shaft.  Have it balanced and replace the u-joints.

You can help yourself to #'s 2 & 3.  If you want the tranny then I could sell the one in the XR7 after I swap the SC tranny into the XR7.  Honestly O prefer to keep it as a back-up but if you are in dire straits...

After next week I will be pushing to get rid of the SC.


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