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Author Topic: PA for Ron Paul needs Volunteers  (Read 596 times)


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PA for Ron Paul needs Volunteers
« on: April 13, 2012, 09:36:58 AM »
Hello everyone. First before you go crazy and bashing me just hear me out a second then.

I know you might not like Ron Paul or you like him a little. Well Ron Paul is much better then Mitt Romney I think some of us can agree. So I am not here trying to make you vote for Ron Paul or trying to persuade you on why you should vote for Ron Paul. I am here asking if you can spend the day on April 24 manning a polling place and help the Ron Paul delegates out in your congressional district. If your not up on politics or have not really been fallowing the Republican primary. Well Ron Paul is strongly disliked by the media and the GOP. The media is giving the victory straight to Romney even those he does not have the number of delegates needed to get the nomination. So PA is a vary important state.

Here is what PA for Ron Paul is trying to do and why we need volunteers. We are trying to find people to help man a poll and help promote the Ron Paul delegates called liberty. You will then be given the delegate card that are for Ron Paul in your congressional district. We are asking that you promote those delegates so they get votes. We think that most people might not know what the heck a delegate is. So if we can tell them to vote for these guys we will win. Also we are trying to promote are delegates because the GOP in PA will not put are delegates on the sample ballot. They only want Mitt Romney and his delegates to be promoted so he can win the nomination unfairly. So we are here to try to yes help Ron Paul, but also try to beat the machine that is the GOP. 

Now you do not have to be a Republican to help PA for Ron Paul. All we ask is if your willing to spend the day handing out delegate cards and promote the liberty delegates we will be grateful.

Email them and tell them you want to help man a poll April 24 and also tell them what congressional district you are in.
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