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J dot Miller:
Check us out at the Car Crazy article for the Leigh Valley times.

J dot Miller:
I was asked today about the parking lot.  Someone spread the rumor that it is a gravel lot and cars will get dirty.  This is NOT true.  It is a grass field.

what field ??? it,s a junk yard lot with old tires & car parts . IN FACT 3 CARS ARE STILL STUCK IN IT FROM LAST YEARS SHOW !!!! :hide: :hide: :hide: :hide: NO BUT IT IS A O.K  :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:

J dot Miller:
Well we did it!!   The cruse was a spectacular success.  Only 2.5 weeks to prepare, three (3) local competing car events and, we had 79 cars due to our hard work and experience at advertising.

The BBQ was excellent, the canal boat ride was filled to capacity, museum was cool, the music was just right, we managed the flow just right, and best of all, many of the participating Fathers left with a smile on there faces asking if we can do it again next year!

Thanks to those who helped hand out flyers.  Thanks to Chris to preparing the barriers, cutting the grass, thanks to those who put in the last second signs, thanks for the assistance in parking cars.

That banner was cool!  GOTTA, get an electronic copy of the logo.  I have issues with electronic chrome...   :schh:

J dot Miller:
The pictures are finally up.  Sorry for the delay.

Hopefully, I captured the essence of the event.  I was tied up taking care of business until around 2:00PM.  I was not able to take pictures of the food line for Zena's gourmet BBQ, long boat ride lines, CAT Country shenanigans and etc...

Select the "gallery" menu, then  click on the "Father's Day Picnic in Hugh Moore Park Cruise 06-17-12" album. Select a picture to enlarge and click the page number to advance...

So imagine many more people in the pictures and you will get an idea of the fun we all had.

I asked many car owners  their opinion and every one said that they enjoyed themselves and hope we will be back next year.

If you see a picture you like please PM me for the high resolution version!


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