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1977 Mercury Cougar - Easton PA

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J dot Miller:
There is a red 1977 Mercury Cougar with a 351W engine for sale in Easton, PA.  This is not my car.  It has less than 92,000 miles.  The owner says he wants five.  The car is garage kept.  I was not able to inspect it for rust.  I have the VIN.  He says it runs but, the battery was drained when I arrived.  He has since charged the battery.  Please PM me for additional and/ or contact information.  Here are pictures:

Joe H:
A four door cougar ???  :nono:

I think somebody took a LTDII and made a Cougar.

But I could be wrong.

I worked for Ford for 20 years.

The serial number will tell.  V.I.N. NO.#

i'M CURIOUS......what did you guys find out

J dot Miller:
That year Cougar and Thunderbird share the same platform as the LTD II.  In 1977 the XR7 was a 2 door Cougar

It is a Cougar.  I saw the owner a few months ago and he told me he was still trying to sell it.  He told me he he wanted to get it out of his garage.

Here is the info:
Location:    Easton, PA
Name:       Charles Massy (610) 417-0417

Joe H:
Notice  that I didn't say it was definetly not a Cougar

I know better

Hell in 77 I was just a kid.

  I do remember a 78 XR7 that we had.

ok thanks for info

My friend just got >>>>>>someone gave it to him.
A 1963 Corvair Van

Never seen one of these.
I have to go research it now to see how many were produced.
It's not a rust bucket either.

J dot Miller:
I had a 77 LTD II.  Loved the car.  It was a good driver.  I put well over 250k on it.  Never let me down.  The Cougar reminds me of it... 

Too bad I do not have the space for another project.


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