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89-90 Cougar XR7 Supercharged stencil


J dot Miller:
I made a batch of stencils for my 90 XR7.  I only need a few so I will offer the remaining four (4) pairs to anyone delivered in the continental USA for $12 ea pair via paypal.

They almost exactly match the fender trim SUPERCHARGED logo on these cars, size and lettering.  The camera was just closer to the top...   :lunie:

Here is how i plan to use mine.  Fill in the emblem on the fender trim with putty or nitrostan.  Sand it until it is smooth.  Paint the car and the trim with the color of your choice.  Apply the SUPERCHARGED stencil.  Paint the letters.  Remove the stencils after drying.

The stencil is for only one color.

J dot Miller:
Here are the results of using my stencil...


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