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High Performance upgrades for sale for 94-97 thunderbird and cougars!

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Contact Mike Higby @ 2153530250 or email [email protected] [email protected] IRS Rear Housing with Carrier and Torsen T2 31 spline differential plus 3.55 gears-$400
Driveshaft Shop Level 2 31 spline C.V. axles (1600.00 brand new) good to 600 rwhp-$1200
Dynotech 4'' Billet Aluminum Driveshaft -$350
Billet Aluminum Rear Subframe bushings-$250
Tokico Springs (set of 4)-$250
Front Suspension support braces, powdercoated-$75
Engine cradle brace, powdercoated-$60
Pinion brace, powdercoated-$150
Rear cover brace for 8.8 rear, powdercoated-$75
Rear differential poly and steel mount (much strong then weak stock mount)-$150
Rear torsional load brace, powdercoated-$75
Supercoupe 145 mph gauge cluster-$80
Griffin high capacity aluminum radiator (U.S.A. made)-$300
200 amp alternator-$100
MSD coil packs-$80
Addco front 1 7/8'' sway bar-$150
Addco rear 1 7/8'' sway bar-$150
Mickey Thompson E.T. street radials, pair-$275
Supercoupe body kit (side skirts, rear bumper)-$200
Tokico shocks-(3 available)-$60 each
Rear upper/lower spring cups (4)-$40

All parts except the springs and shocks and tires have around 2000 miles.  The tires have only about 800 miles and the springs and shocks have about 15,000 miles. 

J dot Miller:
Instead of spending $5k to retrofit a Mustang for the engine/ transmission wouldn't it be more economical to throw your stuff in another 94/ 95 T-Bird or Cougar?

J dot Miller:
Saw some of these parts on craigslist?

Joe H:
I want the pinion brace.
I registered for this reason only.
Use this email >>>>>

[email protected]
The "O" is the numeral>>> "0" zero

I will send a money order or paypal or  whatever
Please email me

if anyone is local in N.E. Pennsylvania i have a full custom magnaflow exhaust fully welded together for $350.  it is 3'' stainless steel and costed $700 just in pipe and was custom bent and designed.  it includes a 3'' offroad, catless X-pipe and is 3'' from the flange where it mates to the header collector alllll the way back into 4'' tips.  it sounds SUPERB and adds hp and nice torque.  hangers are still attached, just raise it up and buckle it up!


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