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High Performance upgrades for sale for 94-97 thunderbird and cougars!

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Joe H:
This car was in an accident in which obviously it has been totaled.

I don't know where it got hit.

But it must have been pretty hard because the front pinion brace I bought was bent.

Suspension parts: BUYER BEWARE

J dot Miller:
If it was not usable please contact the seller and ask for a refund or equal value exchange.  If he declines, I can take down the thread.

Joe H:
I think I'm going to be able to use it.

He's a nice guy.

It will cost me to fix it though.

and......................I don't like saying anything negative  about anyone.

I think you know me well enough to agree with that last statement.

I thought I should point it out though for the suspension parts.

I mean if a car takes hard impact in   or near the  front...........then you wouldn't want to use a front sway bar or rack etc. from that car...........................right ?

I was a little pissed because of these great hi-po wires being junk too though.

My Motorcrafts came and they were only 56 from ROCK AUTO.
better than the red :censor:

prolly better than the blue dung too :P

J dot Miller:
Thread locked due to the seller selling damaged parts from a totaled car.  If the part is damaged do not sell it.  The insurance company paid you for it so trow it away.  Do not screw others because you lost money!   :afit:


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