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High Performance upgrades for sale for 94-97 thunderbird and cougars!

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yes :moe: they are posted on craigs list as well.  im trying really hard to move them.  they are great parts, in good condition for a great price so i'm surprised their moving as slow as they are.  the Drive shaft shop level 2 c.v. axles are a killer deal because they can handle 600+ rwhp and only have about 3,000 miles on them and i knocked off 400.00 from what i paid (1600) 

Joe H:
Thank you Mr. :miller: for granting me the access.
I am currently purchasing some parts.
Thank you.

Nice website :clap:

J dot Miller:

--- Quote from: higbull on March 08, 2013, 05:45:37 PM ---if anyone is local in N.E. Pennsylvania i have a full custom magnaflow exhaust fully welded together for $350.  it is 3'' stainless steel and costed $700 just in pipe and was custom bent and designed.  it includes a 3'' offroad, catless X-pipe and is 3'' from the flange where it mates to the header collector alllll the way back into 4'' tips.  it sounds SUPERB and adds hp and nice torque.  hangers are still attached, just raise it up and buckle it up!

--- End quote ---

That is a specific part that fits 94-97 V8 Thunderbirds/ Cougars that have long tube headers  You may have to cut it in pieces to sell it...

Could you Strikethrough the sold parts?

Getting ready to visit our friends in Q-Town.  Should be there by 11...

--- Quote from: Joe H on March 09, 2013, 12:17:19 AM ---Thank you Mr. :miller: for granting me the access.
I am currently purchasing some parts.
Thank you.

Nice website :clap:

--- End quote ---

This is a free site.  You are welcome here anytime...  We love T-Birds and Cougars...

FYI - I modified your post so that Email Harvester Robots will not be able to see your address.

Joe H:

Pinion Brace
Rear Cover Brace
Rear Differential poly/steel mount

They're gone  ;) :afto2:

Will the 145 Speedo work for a 1991 SC? If so it's sold. Also, I hear you have a cowl hood? Will it fit my 1991? Lets chat. Scott at [email protected] or 267-207-5097. In Chalfont, PA about 20 south of you. Great to find this site!! SCCOA is cool and all but local rules!


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