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Can you just replace speedo head out of the S.C. cluster ?

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Joe H:
I bought that S.C. 140 mph cluster from higbull and it has a flexible circuit board (gone brain dead on actual description) on back of cluster.

Can you just remove the 140 speedo head from the S.C. cluster and install it
on the 97 thunderbird ?

I doubt it seriously because the circuit board thang is prolly different

Anyone have any actual experience with this ?

J dot Miller:
I doubt it.  The speedo will fit an 89- 1995 SC.

I hear a 1996- 1999 Taurus V8 SHO 150 MPH speedometer will work in a 97.

J dot Miller:
Fred may have more information.  But he is on vacation again!

Joe H:
k tx

J dot Miller:
Maybe you can replace the whole cluster.  A picture of the back of a 97 will help me greatly since I have several SC clusters laying around...


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