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Wipers don't always work

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Joe H:

Thanks for the reply  :)

I hate to do it.

But here is what I am trying to convey:


Joe H:
they call it the icm : integrated control module


in this diagram:

the primary junction block


Joe H:


It worked ...........hahahahahahaha  heheheh

That's surreal.

I went and pushed on the ICM cuz it seemed to be 96 % tight but maybe just a lil
tiny intsy weeny bit loose and presto.

The wipers work.

Joe H:
Any help on how to disconnect the ICM would be greatly appreciated !

Its the  beige connector on the bottom of fuse panel on 97 thunderbird
underdash panel

i think it had 10e850 on it
it has tabs on the ends but it doesn't seem to want to unplug

i always break connectors (hate it)
have a broken tps connector now

 gonna go try again with some needlenose pliers

oh......and .....im serious...........i push on it when wipers don't work and ...........WA LA !!!  I GOT WIPERS JACK !!!!

J dot Miller:
Mine had not gone bad so I will say this:  Stop being so impatient.  Ford connections always have some type of press on, pull out or some sorta release.  Take your time use mirrors and a flashlight.  Some times locating the part number and getting a replacement part is the best method.  You can look at the replacement part and see where to press or pull is located to remove the connectors.


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