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Outdoor winter storage using unique car cover ideas

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J dot Miller:
Some of you may remember I lazily tried to sell the gold XR7.  Met a bunch of bargain hunters but non of them was worthy for such a fine beast.  Now I need to store it and make sure She is protected for the winter since my old car cover is falling apart.

 So once again it is high time for a new car cover.  This year I decided to take a step up for the gold XR7 and get a Wolf Block-It Evolution car cover.  I choose it because it appears to be a universal fit cover, which is best for my custom hood and wind deflectors.  The fabric has good or better in most of the weather categories.

Whenever a storm comes around I end up chasing the car cover.  So this time around I am planning to try Gust Guard Cover Clamps.  The kit includes components to make two adjustable security cords that clamp to the hem in front of the front tires and behind the rear tires.  When wind gusts get under the cover the Gust Guard helps reduce the possibility of the front and rear of the cover coming loose.  We will see how well it works!

Since I plan to keep her outside with the chrome rims I want to protect them too.  As usual, I think outside the box.  Remember this is the first time anyone has ever tried to use RV tire covers for winter storage of a hot rod.  All you posers out there remember, ECRTcc is the real deal...    :king: :pilot:

I found a company called Adco who makes what they call Tyre Guards.

 :o  8)
What do you think?  Should I put them on underneath my existing car cover to protect my rims from the rust causing snow bank?

Maybe I should splurge...  Who will know the difference with these?

FF can use them for the next car show he goes to.  He does not need to wash his rims with these babes...  :wish:

J dot Miller:
They sent me a Size D car cover.  The license plate did not fit.  I ALSO DID NOT FIT AS I,M A 5XXXXXXXXXX :surr:  I believe size E may have been a better selection.  Returned the cover, now I have another one a coming.

J dot Miller:
Here are my thoughts on car cover sizes that appear to fit 89-97 XR7's:
   Advance Auto's AutoTech Size L, 1 Year warranty: $30
   Wolf Block-It Evolution size E (size D seems to be for newer Cougars), 5 Year warranty:  $170
   Empire Covers Titan 5L, size 4, 7 Year warranty: $153.


J dot Miller:
A tent is all fine and dandy as long as you do not have Cats who walk on cars!


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