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Author Topic: Started car this morning and it had a miss  (Read 653 times)

Joe H

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Started car this morning and it had a miss
« on: December 30, 2013, 04:37:26 PM »
Had to drive to Richmond and back 75 miles each way and it seemed to be like an electrical miss.

I bought some wires from Higby here who claimed they were only a year old.

Took it to advance even knowing that it would kick out a bunch of codes due to the Blue Oval Chips program.

Sure enough it kicked out 12 codes heheheh but one of them was cylinder number 8 misfire.

So....................I put one of my old original motorcraft wire on number 8 and it cured it.

Shew !!!!!!

Thankful it is only a small problem.

Have set of new Motorcraft wires on order from ROCKAUTO.

I guess Higby got me on the wires.

He also sold me a bent front pinion brace to which his comment was.......can't you get someone to heat it up and straighten it out.
You got a decent price on it.

Well.................its used and not only's abused.

Since I don't have a welder and am not a welder and will have to pay someone to fix it then it really wasn't a good deal.

I got some other stuff from him which was fine.

But if I was to give him a rating would be about a 75.

I'm sorry his awesome car got wrecked and I fully understand needing money.

But......................I have very little money and very little income.

Not to happy right now.

I was going to buy some other stuff from him but it went on hold.
Maybe permenantely. cant get spell check to work and I butchered permanently

there i got it :afto2:

In my day a 75 was an "F" FAILURE