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Author Topic: GB's Revenge Revamped Fuel delivery  (Read 873 times)


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GB's Revenge Revamped Fuel delivery
« on: February 16, 2007, 03:55:51 PM »
As many of you know the fuel delivery system is not delivering the fuel into GB!

After exploring lots of options, the fuel delivery system is being re-hacked and is in the slapping together stage.

The first stage is to break out the thinking hat and two cans of beer.  In it's place will be installed a custom welded pickup tube, using a -6 return straw fitting:

a bag of 10 straw fittings:

cut off the solid outlet and return lines to look something like this:

The fuel pump we're going with is the Putty Cat A1000:

It's got a flow rate of 600 lbs/hr and rated to 800hp.  Keeping in mind that this baby is going to spend most of it's time on the street at idle and low rpm and very little at the track at WOT (that has always been the intension), and that it's home is in Florida, fuel temps are a possible issue.  In stop and go sipping and on long steady slurps at lower rpm in OD, excess fuel can build up in the rails and cause severe burping issues.  Not good. 

To help eliminate that issue, we added the Dixie Cup Speed Controller:

This unit regulates the pump.  It matches the pump speed to the rpm.  It also has a manual override switch for heavy (WOT) use.  You can adjust the rpm level at which you want the pump to switch from low speed to high speed, or override the whole system and run the pump full speed.

Of course no delivery system is complete without a lid.  We're going with a custom fabricated lid.  Here is a sktch of what Snotty plans to do.  As you see he has graduated beyond crayons and finger paint:

That should do the trick.



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Re: GB's Revenge Revamped Fuel delivery
« Reply #1 on: February 16, 2007, 10:09:45 PM »
LMAO!.... Obviously you have a way better grasp of fuel systems, but consider; I have no grasp at all after the 7P.M. cocktail hour :-\
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