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Author Topic: Wheel Works...  (Read 3267 times)

J dot Miller

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Wheel Works...
« on: November 19, 2006, 07:47:25 AM »
I jumped a curb in Burlington, NJ.  Rim was messed up I had to get it fixed before I can drive it home.  So I ended up at Wheel Works 1703 North Rt 130 Burlington NJ 08016.

Here is the gang at Wheel Works.  That big nut does not work there and I did not see anyone!  More on him later.

The rim was in bad shape!  A chunk was missing and the front face was warped badly!  Tim says I can fix it but it just may only be useful as a rear only rim!

I had some stuff to see at the Tire Works.  Here is the inside of the shop.  Yup, after I slipped the fact to the nut by telling him that at most Car shows there were only two or three bikes there at a time and winning at one of those shows was easy he went on a verbal rampage and spilled his guts:  That bike is original with original paint.  That bad boy took first place in a real antique bike show that only had bikes in it.  No sissy cars allowed!

Furthermore, the Nut disliked going to car shows because they sit there in their chairs with sissy umbrellas above them sipping wine, eating cheese with their fingers stuck up their asses!  There is nothing that he hatted more than a trailer queen that was not a daily driver!  He insisted that a true mans car show would only have daily drivers and that is the only show that he will ever go to!  I tried to break in that the TST is about daily drivers but I could not get a word out during the rampage!  Then he pointed out that this was his old bike that he took to car shows before he sold it to Tim!  All original paint!  Then there was Silence!  The rampage was over and I said "I guess you sat in a chair, had an umbrella, was sipping wine and eating cheese at that show"?  We all broke out in a good laugh!  Gotta love bikers!

Here is a car that was sitting in front of the Wheel Works!

It was almost noon when I left Wheel Works.  My rim was in great shape.  All I needed to do was get a front end alignment....
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