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Author Topic: Top three Buffalo Wing joints in Eastern PA  (Read 2722 times)

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Top three Buffalo Wing joints in Eastern PA
« on: July 09, 2014, 09:22:07 PM »
I consider myself a connoisseur of Buffalo Wings.  I have been eating them since the early 1980's.  Wings N Things, Miami Florida was my first.  I have been at the Anchor bar several times and even had copious amounts of wings shipped in from Anchor bar.

When I returned from Florida in the late 80's I talked a cook at AJ's Sports Bar in Levittown into making wings.  We went through many variations until they were perfect.  It was my pleasure taste testing them until they were perfect.  Many were envious when they saw me eating my Wings and drinking a Rum Runner.  Hey what is He eating?  What is He drinking?  I will have some of that!  Within a few years the phenomenon spread and almost every bar in the area was making Wings.  I moved out of state and they started Wing contests, Griffins Buffalo Wing Sauce began down the street and the Wing Bowl....  I missed the fun but traveled abroad eating Wings at every stop.  Now I am back in my home state and can not stop eating Wings.

There was a time I could not get enough peppers on my wings.  I would order suicide wings only to discover that they were mild to me.  One time a chef became upset because I rested a bottle of Mexican habanero pepper sauce on the table when I asked for his hottest wings.  He had a stash of ghost peppers, habanero peppers and who knows what else and placed them in a blender and made me a special sauce.  I ate all the wings and ended up with a serious mellow yellow pepper high, was so relaxed I slaughtered all opponent son the pool table and still believe I saw multicolors...  Though I can still handle the hottest I prefer to have the sauce on the side on work nights.

I do not think a month has passed where I did not eat wings somewhere in some state.  If someone tells me a joint is good I will try it...  So if you have a placed please let me know.  Be forewarned if your place does not include blue cheese chunks in the dipping sauce they will not be considered.  Otherwise I just may try their wings....

So with no further delay here is my list:

1.  The Farm House Tavern, Doylestown - I had a plate of their habanero Wings and they were superb. First off you know when you are having good wings when you take a bite.  The wings were crispy, the sauce is not too hot with a test of garlic.  You can tell that the wings were 'impregnated' in the sauce...  Simply great tasting.

2.  The Harleysville Hotel, Harleysville - For many years the standard bearer for Wings in the area.  This place sold so many wings that on Super Bowl Sunday they had to bring in a tractor trailed full of chicken just to support the orders.  I used to love their garlic hot Wings.  Though they emphatically deny it, the last two times I was there I tasted that nasty garlic in a jar.  Oh what a crime using that junk.  I hate Jared garlic so much I hereby submit my vote to have it banned by the FDA!  Since then I have moved on to buffalo hot and buffalo extra hot wings.  The buffalo hot is a traditional hot sauce with a kick and the traditional hot is usually backed on giving the impression of a rub.  Both are good.  The base wings are undoubtedly top notch...  They come in close second only because I had to change my sauce... 

3.  Casey's Place Tavern, Quakertown - If you can find a seat you can get ten (10) tasty wings here for under $5.00.  Here you do not get fancy sauce selections.  I simply order Buffalo Hot.  You taste the sauce and chicken and non of that old fryer grease you get at second rate wing establishments.   They are consistently tasty and cooked with care.  A nice classic wing sauce made to perfection that can rival the Anchor bar...

There you go the above is the best of the best!  You will not be disappointed eating at any of the above joints!  Just stay away from suicide wings!


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