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J dot Miller:
In lieu of an antique or classic registration plate, the owner of an antique or classic motor vehicle may request permission from PennDOT to display a vintage registration plate. A vintage registration plate is a “period-issued” registration plate from 1906 to 1976 to be displayed on an antique or classic vehicle with the same corresponding year of manufacture. Vintage registration plates are not manufactured or issued by PennDOT. Applicants are required to provide the vintage registration plate they wish to display on their antique or classic vehicle.  More information is here.

Cost is an extra $75.  Transferring a title and adding the plate cost me over $250!!!!  Not including the cost of the plate.

Be warned that any play you buy may not be usable.  Only a plate that is not registered to another vehicle can be used.  Buying from eBay resale-rs like www.pl8source.com is NOT recommend.  They guy is a hothead that has a reputation for selling plates that are registered.  I recommend a reputable dealer like felix2.com who has a nice assortment of un-registered PA plates.

After selecting a plate you must first Check Personalized Registration Plate Availability at PenDOT.  Select the type of plate.  Enter the plate number from left to right.  Do not worry if you're plate is shorter than the input.  If you se this in green:  Plate configuration requested is available.  You have a good plate.  The plate I purchased from pl8source (4800K) gave me the following in red: Plate configuration requested is not available. Please try again.  You want the plate with the green text!

When you get your owners card check that it is IIRC listed.  This means it is an Antique and you will no longer need inspection.


J dot Miller:
Maybe it is time for you to get rid of those crappy new cars and get yourself a real American Classic!


I know where we can find some nice 50's Trucks that we can use to drive over and crush those junkers of yours?


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