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2016 XR7 Project

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J dot Miller:
It is time to make the XR7 more reliable and do some upgrades.  Here is the plan:

* Griffin radiator
* Ranger AC Condensor
* Double IC with inter cooler fan
* MP Belt tensions
* New water pump
* New AC condenser
* New power steering pump
* New AC condenser
* 3G Alternator upgrade
* Power seat modification
* Replace rear window and install new rear seal (to fix defroster).
* Fix fuel gauge
* Rebuild ABS motor and locate short
This project has been going on for a while. Now I will post some pictures.

J dot Miller:
The Griffin went in easily but the Condenser required modification...

J dot Miller:
Here is a test fit!  The FF Double IC  fits well... and so does the 3G alternator.

J dot Miller:
The double IC fan wiring harness is installed Fast F.reddie style!

Naw, I am not a hack!  I soldered a harness before sending it off so it is automated...   :joys:

J dot Miller:
Here are pictures of the New water pump installed.

Hey I want some Beer too!


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