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Splicing ABS Sensor wire for a 90 XR7/ Supercoupe

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J dot Miller:
At this moment you cannot buy a new ABS sensor for a 1990 XR7 or Supercoupe so I plan to merge my old sensors with a new ABS sensor.  Today I will splice a Standard ALS502 - Front Right ABS Wheel Speed Sensor to the original speed sensor wiring.  This sensor required longer bolts to fit in the car.

Here are some of my tools:  Wire stripper Coax Cutter/Splitter.

You will also need some Dual Wall Adhesive Lined Heat Shrink-Wrap and a standard solder splice kit.

You will need a heat gun and/ or an Electric Wire Ceramic Heater.

The first thing I did was to tape both the old and new sensor together and mark the cutting location.  The original wire is longer.  I plan to make sure there is a little extra wire for the new sensor.

I cut the old stock sensor and discovered that it is single core Shield Coax cable (outside is the ground wire).  This is a problem as I do not have a large enough solder seal. 

J dot Miller:
The coax wire is 6mm in diameter, since I plan to fold it over upon itís self I will need at least a 7mm diameter solder seal.  So here is the plan:
1.    Purchase Wire to Wire Solder Sleeve Clear 0.267" (6.78mm), 0.287" (7.29mm) DigiKey# A104846-ND.

2.   After some research with the wiring diagrams I determined that the negative braid goes to the black wire and the positive core goes to the brow wire.
3.   The old Coax has a clear plastic insulator that will easily melt so the braid will be folded over the outer jacket of the cable.  Here is a diagram of the old Coax wire:

4.   The center wire for the old coax cable will intentionally be several inches long so it can be soldered to the new ALS502 sensor.  Try to keep the insulator on it the part past the folded braid.
5.   To do the above I will need to stagger the new pigtail (from ALS502) wires approximately 3 inches apart and tin the ends.  As noted in number 2, the black wire will be longer.
6.   The longer tinned end of the ground wire will be placed over the folded braid with A104846-ND solder ring centered over it.
7.   Slid on shrink-wrap and solder splice the two remaining wires.
8.   Melt the shrink wrap as required.

Here is the fitment of the splice of the folded braid to the sensor black wire just before soldering and just above that is the brown wire fitment to the core of the old wire.

In the top of this picture is a test of the original wire where I folded the braid over the jacket and left the center core long.

Here is the other end of the old able black core soldered to the new ABS black wire.  Before soldering you will need to remove the part of the clear plastic insulator that goes underneath the solder seal.

Here is the final water proof sensor wire.


* I will like to note than another option will be to purchase a splice with a ground wire 9i.e. DigiKey # A104745-ND).  Solder the braid such that the ground wire is opposite the new abs sensor wire then attach the ground to the frame.
* Since I did this I could no longer find thunderbird ABS sensor wires and need to do the same thing on the left side due to an Mechanic error.  I purchased ASL160 an it appears to be something that will work on our cars.

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J dot Miller:
What I did is great for someone who has old stock sensor cables that do not have worn or cracked jackets.  If this is the case then you can get the ASL160 and extend the length to match and throw on a wheel speed sensor Electrical Connector i.e.

Standard Motor Products S1021 Pigtail Connector left for 1989 XR7/ SC



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