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J dot Miller:
I just may get a Goat!!!

400 hp @ 400lb-ft torque without bolt-ons!!  I bet I could get that puppy up to 450 with my dremmel alone!!!
 O0 O0

Besides the word is that is is the Pontiac version of the MN12!!  But faster out of the box!!!  ^-^ ^-^

Just buy a die grinder. Didn't you burn out enough Dremmel tool. So your going to the dark side.

You know :miller:,  ;D ;) Promises, promises...............

Got your kitty after the wife cracked it up in 03 you put all that time and effort into it never mine all the flame war along the way and you want to sell it. I can't believe you would do it. Now if you got the GTO for your daily driver and held on to the cougar I could understand that.

Better yet, give the cat to your wife for street racing! She might even take the darned thing to the track and time it! , Thing is, you would still have it to putz around with.  Also, in case you would need a ''storm'', you could allways post about it, and satisfy your need for a dose of chaos :D ;D :o ::)


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