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J dot Miller:
Caddy V-12, Pontiac G6, Buick Lucerne may be next?

General Motors' plans for new rear-wheel-drive cars are continuing to grow and could be stretched to include the revival of the GTO coupe.

Not all the programs have been approved by GM's board of directors, but the outlines of the plan are already coming into sharper focus and will go beyond just the new Chevrolet Camaro and a new rear-drive Cadillac powered by a V-12 engine.

Bob Lutz, GM vice chairman for product development, told TheCarConnection.com back in February that the rear-wheel-drive platform, carrying the upcoming Chevrolet Camaro, could be "stretched."

"If…we wanted to do a very large rear-wheel-drive Cadillac with more than eight cylinders you could do [it]," Lutz told TheCarConnection.com.
Last week, other media outlets reported that Cadillac has begun working on that Cadillac and a V-12 engine to power it. There is a possibility GM will show a Cadillac V-12 concept at next week's New York auto show.
GM's plans for rear-wheel-drive cars may go even further. Steve Shannon, Buick's general manager, told TheCarConnection.com last week that a rear-wheel-drive Lucerne or Lucerne replacement was a distinct possibility by the end of the decade. GM is already working on a rear-wheel-drive Buick in China from basically the same stretchable platform that is expected to carry the Camaro and the future Cadillac.

Cadillac Sixteen

More info: http://www.thecarconnection.com/Auto_News/Daily_Auto_News/GM_Expands_Rear-Drive_Plans.S173.A12113.html

So there finally discarding there front wheel drive program.


--- Quote from: rjstat on April 04, 2007, 07:54:25 AM ---So there finally discarding there front wheel drive program.

--- End quote ---
Nope, theyre bringing back rear drive platforms , so they can handle more horsepower with bigger premiumm engines! Wheeew! just in the nick of time , as gas gets more expensive, and in shorter supply, go figure.

There is always one company that is always a day late and a dollar short go figure.

J dot Miller:
They must have picked up a few Ford executives that were dismissed after the 1999-2002 master plan!!!   O0


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