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MK VIII axels (Half shafts actually)

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Heres a pic of Raxels (lower) and MK VIII axels (top). Raxels are
$675 , get MKVIII's from a reputable salvage yard for much less. Raxels are
some what overkill till you get to 500 HP, then worth it but I will
never be there, and saveover 400 bux....

Well, the MK VIII halfshafts were kinda rusty/dirty, but thats what a
salvage yard piece is gonna be like....In the process of cleaning
them up ,m...., I decided to throw a little paint on them to retard
further rusting... j.:moe: suggested powder coating with alum/
silver.... but that would have taken waaaay long, and also required
dissassembly/re-assembly (PITA), and really not worth it ... wuz
gonna use black, but the only rustoleum in the paint locker was
International Orange..... So I thinks to meself; "WTF! Thats a MANLY
COLOR! and a lot less gay than what certain other 'Automotive
Decorators' would use with their powder coating ways"...... :D
Anyhow, who in their right mind checks the bottom of a car?Thus, my
new screaming orange halfshafts!just thought you might get akick
outa them... If ya post them anyplace , just remember : International
orange IS a MANLY color!!

My trusty vernier caliper tells me the MK VIII half shafts on
the bottom are 1/8" thicker than the Birdies on the top, and those
new Orange bad boys are in.....

Thing is you have to be careful as some salvage books show all the half shafts as
interchangeable   measure your stock t_bird's, either the S/C or MK VIII:s will have
that extra meat on them

Rodeo Joe:
New paint on the axles is good!  :D


J dot Miller:
Nice.   :bowa:

J dot Miller:
Doing the mod this week but with Super Coupe axles.

 LOOKS LIKE HEMI ORANGE !!! :afto2: :afto2: :afto2: ;D ;D :first:


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