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MK VIII axels (Half shafts actually)

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J dot Miller:
Mine are black!

LIKE YOUR " HEART " >:( :o >:D

J dot Miller:
That is not nice.  You need to go to anger management!

Rodeo Joe hows everything going. Long time no see. We need to get together with the little guy (Jon) I got a sub frame assembly from a Mark VIII the pinion is being done the frame is getting reinforced and powder coated. I have the half shafts but may need the raxles. Still need a tranny and the blower. 

J dot Miller:
Is Joe back????  :hide:

Why you buying Raxels?  If you read all the posts the SC and Msrk VII  are better.! Hey new is good, but I hear some say the quality has dropped...


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