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Author Topic: 4/21 road tests.....  (Read 811 times)


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4/21 road tests.....
« on: April 23, 2007, 12:55:00 PM »
Well, being ordered to get something more conservative , wanting to get outa the house, and just curious, ...... I organized a short trip to 3 dealers who wanted to give me "sometrhing" for stopping by.....
First , Eagle BUIC PONTIAC GMC.... test drove a 06 Poncho G-6 V6 (233hp version) it was a slug, kinda sorta, considering the advertised power, and wanted to wallow a lot. This old sailor almost got sea sick. :o  :puke:
Ok, never mind the car, they gave me a $10 Wallmart gift card for the test drive. I also got a Pontiac cars brochure (those babies are expensive, but those who buy their cars pay) Well, the card only yeilded $5, so I guess if they are gonna stiff ya BEFORE you buy, guess what happens when you are ready to buy? Dont think I will ever go back, LOL
Next stop; Roy Brown Lincoln, Mercury............Wanted to try the Milan 4 cyl, an upgraded Fusion, with a 4 cyl... Scoping out how hard a blower / turbo would be to put in ....Well, they gave me a golf umbrella.... The 4cyl, juuust didnt cut it as it was running hard and outa breath at 60 mph, and wallowed a lot too...but not as bad as the poncho.  No brochures?? Price of that car astronomical for what you get.... Do they think the darned things are made of gold???  nooo I dont wanna Fusion either....doesnt matter how deep they discount them. gotta give the dealer here credit for having the chutzpa to ask list first tho' .Never know when somebody will pay it??? :) ;) :D ;D
  Next stop quite a ways south , out of my way a lot , unless I also go to the Sat. nite car show in Spring Hill..... This one's a Suzuki dealer....The nicest bunch of salesmen, new dealership, lotsa stock in any color you want, and as long as its white , you can get a deal, go figure. test drove a 4 dr Suzuki Forenza.... Darn , nice car at the price they discount to 11K vs 16K list.....Hmmmm?  It drives better than the poncho, or the Milan? Better seating for big guys, nice urban commuter, easy on gas, lotsa refinement, go figure. This vehicle severely underrated! Better than the G-6, or Milan, except,  maybe the top of the lines would be better, but then youre talking a minimum of 12K more than the suzuki to exceed it??
Got a couple nice Brochures, a $10 Wallmart Card that was actyually worth $10 !!! :o nice bunch of people, very nice new facility. I definitely will consider something from them , when Big Bird is sold.........There you have my saturday expedition.... 3 dealers , 1 car show , 1 good experience, at a Suzuki dealer ,surprise, surprise 8) ::) 2 cbrochures ... $15  in gift cards, 1 golf umbrella..I would have to study the Pontiac thingy for hours to figure out if I could even find /buy what I want. The pontiac solstice/ Saturn Sky, are waaaay overpriced, big demand based on styling, which I think is superb.... the engineering not bad , as car guys figured this one out... might be a decent buy in a couple years, but thats just my opinion.
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