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Author Topic: Plasma Booster Ignition  (Read 3068 times)


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Plasma Booster Ignition
« on: November 20, 2006, 04:49:18 PM »
 Yup I have one of them; dead reliable, dumbas simple to install , cheaper than a MSD unit.
Truth,  I lost a couple HP one dyno run when testing it . Only sez theres a bit of variance one run to another, but dont believe big gains are going to happen even if you add boost. Advantages: well, the fool thing hasnt failed, caught fire or cost as much as the DIS-4 from MSD Just not haveing the under hood fires , and  failures of the coil adapters , (figure a 70 dollar replacement at least every 10K miles), plus the nightmare of the wireing makes the Plasma Booster waaaay superior. It does make a hotter spark, more complete combustion, and will not "blow out" when used with the Snow Injection (Reason I went for it originally)
Under almost all conditions the current ford hi-energy ignitions are all you need...and for God's sake avoid MSD at all costs!!   :o  just my 2 cents  8)
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