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Photo gallery is up!!!

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J dot Miller:
After some effort I got the Gallery up and running.  You need to log in in order to post a picture.

A limited number of personal pictures are allowed.  Please keep it to car related pictures.  Clean ones too...  :P

I will be editing the layout so be patient!

Give it a try!!!  Let me know if it works???  :(

J dot Miller:
Check it out!  I added two meets to the Gallery so far!!!   ::)


J dot Miller:
To view the gallery section do the following:

1.  Click on the words "Gallery" above.
2.  The photos are stored in albums under the "Category" title.
3.  Listed under "Category" you will see "Members Galleries" and "Club Events".
    a)  Members Galleries is the place for members like you to place their pictures.
    b)  Club Events is where we post pictures of club events like car shows.  More to come...
4.  Click on "Club Events" or "members" to see the photo album list.
5.  Click on the name of the member or the event to actually see the photo album.
6.  The pictures in the album are stored in three versions:
    a)  Thumbnails  -  Click once to go to Medium size.
    b) Medium size  -  This is a scaled drawing.  This screen allows you to rate the picture, add a comment, view a slide show and e-mail the picture. 

*   To view the slide show of the entire album click on the "Directors" icon in the upper left hand side above the picture.
*   To send a the picture via e-mail click on the car above the picture on the upper right hand side.
*   Select the stars below the picture to rate it.
*   Enter the comment in the text box.
*   Click on this picture one more time to see Original.   c)  Original size  -  This is not scaled.


--- Quote from: FASTFREDDIE on December 06, 2006, 03:45:30 PM ---WHAT HAPPENED TO MY 93 BIRD  ::)?????IT LOOKS SQUEASED >:( OR SHORTNED  :D :moe: ARE YOU DOING THE "" WILD THING ""AGAIN!!! :P

--- End quote ---
Fast :curley: you notice that all the pictures that J.:moe: posted not one has a picture of him so :shemp: takes it as he is the club photographer since he is behind the camera shooting the picture. We need more J.:miller:


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