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Well, my recent trip to the strip was kinda sorta humbling. The car was making power, but early , hard to control at launch....It also was petering out over 5000 rpm , faster than before, with the bigger pulley that usta give me 5 Lbs. boost. Thinking a lot about this, and the fact that it took some serious octane, plus a higher concentration of methanol in my snow blend to keep her from pinging with the performance tune.......Hmmm? well, I have changed so many things , that I am still sorting things out, but the 8Lb. pulley seemed to be doing more harm than good?? It would appear that the little powerdyne , tho' capable of making boost , was spooling up too early, putting down a lotta boost early on, but didnt have the volumetric capacity to take it all the way to her 5600 RPM shift points... Thought here was that over 5000, there was more parasitic loss, and the little  powerdyne head just wasnt able to keep up with the 5.4. Also, not getting as much power out of the richer snow blend and 105 octane gas I was useing. Net result, launches were a tiger , extremely hard to controll, and she just wasnt pulling to the shift points, maybe even a tad lower power output due higher octane raceing fuel.....
I put the  bigger  pulley back on today, and the car launches much softer, seems to pull better at the top of the RPM band, and doesnt ping with a load of pump 93 octane premium gas on the performance tune. I will not be able to verify things at the strip, as I promised Momma this 66 yr old wasnt going to take the birdie to the track anymore..... but it seems a lot better, go figure...


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